Friday, May 8, 2009

My Memories and Crystals Makeover

I mentioned earlier that i will going to give a free blog makeover this week to those who leave a comment telling that he/she wants a free blog makeover and to those who interested of course. I will check the website and see if your blog really need a makeover. Im glad sarah leave a message, since its friday and the free blog makeover was over. Then i will choose the winner and sarah is my free blog makeover winner! I already done the layout, sarah likes color green so i end up of color green layout. Hope she likes it! This is what i came up with. If you want any changes for the color or things, just let me know sar okay? Thanks!


  1. glad my friend won! i like the layout fe...very nice and I like the way you placed her crystals on the header..very creative ideas indeed!..i'll let more of my friends to come over here...

  2. wow sis. ang ganda ganda nito:)


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