Monday, May 4, 2009

Submit to Blog Advertising

I just submit this blog to one of my favorite blog advertising. I just post the recent disclosure policy and hopefully this blog will be approved so that i can start earn extra cash with this blog.
By the way, free blog makeover for this week is now open. I will choose who will be the winner. I will checked your blog and see if your blog really need a blog makeover. I will create the layout you like, you can decide what color and style. I will show you the finished layout before i will install to your blogger account. I just need your blogger information. So keep visiting my blog and leave comments and i will choose the winner! Thanks and happy blogging everyone!


  1. Hope this blog will be monetized generous you are to our fellow bloggers offering them free blog makeover...Happy Day

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I have a tag for you. Hope you like it:
    Mother's day tag

  3. Hello Femikey! Glad to know you. Genejosh told me of your blog makeover. I'm excited, what shall I do then?

  4. Will it be possible that I can send you more than one blog?
    Anyway, sorry ha I'm persistent hehehe! I have more than one blogs.
    Here's my blogger info...

  5. Hope to hear from you! Advance HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY and a blessed day to you and your family!

  6. What do I need to give you? will it be okay if I just give you my email? Do I need to give more info?
    Thanks again...God bless!
    You can also check my other blogs, which one do you suggest for makeover. and


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