Wednesday, October 20, 2010

big toy car

Dustin is really fascinated with cars, he has hundreds of cars in the house and he make a parking lot in his bedroom and also in the computer room. Actually the table that I usually used to do my sewing thing, he put a lot of cars in it as his parking lot. So I transfer my sewing machine in the kitchen. Every time we go to the store to shop or just buy food in the super market, he always demand to get a hot wheels toy car and since the car he likes is not that expensive, so we let him get one or two cars to make him happy. He will be 5 next year and I think he is ready to ride a bike. We look prices at different store but they seems very expensive. I remember the Peg perego that our kids neighbor has. They have this kids battery powered electric ride and Dustin seems like it. I am not sure if he is big enough to ride those big toy car. They really look nice and I bet kids would love to ride those thing. So if your kids are ready to ride this big toy car, you can order it online at kids!

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