Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out of Town...

I will be gone for a couple of days, about 5 days. We will attend the worldwide convention that will be held at Loveland, Colorado. Sorry if i didn't update this blog, i was busy watching "boys over flower" hehe :-) Hopefully when i come back from our trip, i can finished watching this koreanovela series and also to update all my blogs. Watch out also for next week, because i am giving another free blog makeover. So keep visiting and dont forget to leave comments! To those first commenter, thank you so much! Have a wonderful day and happy blogging to all! See you all next week!


  1. goodluck and have a nice and happy trip

  2. nalingaw pud diay ka ug boys over flowers, nag sigi mi katawa ana ni djtammy.hahhahahah! have a safe trip!

  3. nice blog and have lots of stuff here....

  4. my yahoo account was hacked since monday and it's sending "i need ur help messages..have u received an email from it? juz wanna warn's ur trip?

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