Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rosilie Free Blog Makeover

My free blog makeover for this week is now open and i got an email from tammy that her friend rosilie need a free blog makeover. So i am giving her a free blog makeover as a request :-) So here is what i came up with. Hope she will like it! I am waiting for her info (username and password) so that i can start installing the code. Thanks again and dont forget to leave a comments!


  1. this is cool! I always love your free makeover of my blog...BTW..if I'll personalize my header alone, how much does it cost?

  2. 15? pag-iponan ko muna sis..he..he..I love to have our pictures sa header..I'm still contempating if i have to change my title or not..juz contact you if ok na bulsa ko..he..he...

  3. how much kaya if hindi picture namin? let's say a cartoon character of a mother and son? cute din kasi baka cheaper lang ...he...he...

  4. sis, header alone is 15 or the whole package na yan....

  5. Mommy Fe, ROSILIE is my older sister hehehe....I will ask her user name and PW...where can I send it?


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