Friday, November 13, 2009

New Layout for the Day!

While im making a layout for Joy who won the contest of Genejosh His and History Blog Contest. I decided to make another new layout for the day. This is what i came up with! If you like it then let me know! You can get it for a very affordable price of $8 until next week and after two weeks this layout will be $15. So grab it now before next week ends!


  1. Hi sis,

    Kumusta? Long time no see..he..he..thanks for accomodating the winner for my contest..Ala pa kasi kaming internet connection kasi kalilipat namin ng apartment. This is a cool layout for my "Away from Home" na blog kaso I'm not always online:(..Take care sis and I'm excited for the layie ur making for Pinaymama... HOw's the kids? Hugs and kisses for them:)


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