Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Satellite Directv

We’ve been using Satellite Directv for almost a year now and so far, I never had any problem with it. My husband and I are satisfied at their service and I couldn’t ask for more! Not only that I can watch my favorite Filipino programs but also I can choose the movie I want to watch at the local and international channels. Our friend recommend us different satellite provider but we refuse because we already get saved through DirectTV and we don’t have any reason to change our Direct TV Satellite. Why we make any changes if we already satisfied on what we have right now? How about you? Not happy with your satellite provider? How about transfer to Direct TV? If you are planning to change your satellite tv provider, you better get Direct TV. You can visit and get Direct TV for around $1 a day and save $26 a month! Its free for 3 months! So you better call now for their holiday special and get a free $100 Visa prepaid card!

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