Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So glad...

I'm so glad that Mike will be working 8 hours this week and tomorrow he don't have work because it's holiday. So we can spend time together as a family this weekend. We are planning to get a small laptop for me to use also especially when he is playing his online game, that way I can still talk with my family online. We need to compare prices first before we will decide if we can get one of not. But will see then...

This morning, I had my bible study together with my loving sisters in our congregation Kathy and Olivia. They are such a nice person and of course I prepare lunch for us to eat. I prepare Pork Adobo, Rice and I made a strawberry pie for dessert. It was good, I'm glad they like it. I am looking forward to meet them again next week for my bible study. :-)

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