Friday, April 17, 2009

Genejosh Blog makeover

I was in a good mood last week thats why i decided to give a free blog makeover and i choose genejosh. I read her comments and she wants to win a free blog makeover from me so she's the lucky one! I finished the layout yesterday, i send her the outcome of the layout i made and im glad she likes it. So here is the screenshot of her new blog title "Hyzyd's Diary".


  1. Wow thank you very much Femikey!!! I'm jumping with joy...ha..ha..ha..Thank you for choosing me..It's a blessing!

    Stay blessed!

    PS: I'll post about this later on....God bless!

  2. I make a post about your free blog makeover on my blog...if you have time you can visit it here...


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