Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Layout for the Day!

I just finished making this layout this morning. I try different color but i like the color orange the most hehe :-) If you are interested and dont like the color, you can change it the way you want to. The price is very affordable as usual. I am still learning on how to make it better so i am asking for $15 with these layout including the signature and ec logo. Just leave a message if you are interested or if you knew someone that needs for a blog makeover. Enjoy and keep visiting my blog! thanks again and happy blogging everyone!


  1. the color too..i've been referring your works to my friends..Have anice day!

  2. wow, sis galing ah.. super ganda talaga nang mga layout na gawa mo..

  3. wow another layout...
    nice mommy femikey...
    ang ganda po nito...


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