Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Piano lessons

I love listening piano music and I feel amazed to those person who’s playing with it. How I wish I can play piano like them. Piano is one of my favorite instruments and since I don’t know how to play piano, I will let my 4 years old son learn it because he loves music and he is very interested in piano. We are planning to get him piano lessons and swimming lessons this year hopefully or maybe next year. While were waiting for that, I’ll let him hear the piano music online at, to enhance his interest in piano. is a great website for piano lessons. They offer piano lesson for intermediate and advance players. They will help you on how to discover how to make your left hand come alive. I am a right handed person and it’s hard for me to use my left hand when I play piano so I really need a professional help with that. Good thing because has video for online piano lessons and adult piano lessons part 2. Piano lessons books and DVDs are also available at their website. Visit for details.

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  1. Sure thing that playing piano is a difficult thing to learn but hey! when your love-one hears you play, it will be worthy on those hard works.

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