Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday rants...

As usual we have cold weekends. Since the schedule of our meeting change this year, we don’t need to worry about waking up early and get rushed for the day. We have time to get ready, study ahead of time, give the kids a bath, clean the house or just relax in the morning. Well, this morning is not so bad. I just let Dustin play his favorite game in my laptop while his daddy playing his favorite online games EVE. Dana and I are in the living room, playing together and I also have time to prepare lunch. The meeting will start at 1:00pm. Dana didn’t take a nap, so she’s fussy that afternoon. But before the meeting is over, she fall asleep. We went to Walmart this afternoon also. We buy some few things especially the bathroom rugs. I throw up one or two of our bathroom rugs few days ago and since it was an old rug, we won’t use it again. We will just let the dogs have it and we can buy a new one. We bought a color green bathroom rug set. It matches the color of our shower curtain. I also bought a cake pan so that I can make my own chocolate cake. So that was all this afternoon. Hope you had all great day! Thanks for the visit people! Keep visiting and happy blogging to all!

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