Monday, March 9, 2009

Purple New Layout

Same as the pinky new layout, this is also $10. I am giving away free blog makeover this Wednesday so watch out for that. Dont miss this 2 new layout for today! Grab it now before someone will taken it! I am not asking too much because i am still newbie in the world of blog designing. Happy Blogging and Enjoy my new layie!


  1. wow sis.. This is absolutely pretty.. I am making a new blog .. I will let you know if I decide to take this one... Pero kasi maybe I will use mommy rose prize template doon.. But if free to sus grab jud naku daun ni.. haha.. Love you sis.. As ever, bow ko sa imo works sis!!!

  2. aw weeeeeeh ang cute nito mommy, ang ganda nito eheheeh. kung may pera lang ako me na ang bibili nito favorite color ko pa man din ito. keep up the good work mommy mwaaaaaaaaaaah...


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