Monday, March 9, 2009

Rich in Awards

Wow, i was very surprised when i read my message board because gengen sent me this rich in awards. Thank you so much for this wonderful award, i really appreciate it. I am very fortunate to meet such a wonderful people in the blogging world. Once again thank you so much! Here are the awards!

Name 7 things that you love then pass this onto 7 other bloggers
1. Jehovah God
2. My husband, son and daughter
3. My family in the Philippines
4. my friends in the Philippines
5. my fellow brother and sister in our congregation
6. dedicated bloggers who keep visiting my blog
7. all righteous people around the world

Now I want to pass this to:
Rosemarie, Rose, Laine Abode, Shy, Shelo, Ivy, Phebie


  1. hi fe! thanks for this award i will grab it when i have time, i hope this afternoon. I am a bit busy for the coming days eh. Glad you still have time to make new layout although bago pa lang ikaw panganak. but ingat sa binat ha

  2. sis thanks a lot for this award ha.. I am really happy and appreciate it a lot..mhuahh

  3. weeeeeeeeeeh may award din ako ehehehe ^_~...
    thank you so much po mommy fem...
    natanggap ko na po ung email mo mommy...
    salamat po ng marami po sa help po...
    post ko po itong award bukas po mwaaaaaaah....


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