Friday, March 6, 2009

Rose Blog Makeover

Rose is supposed to be the winner of my "sunny blue layout", then i gave it to mommy phebie instead. But its not too late! i gave her another chance and choose the layout she likes. She choose the "green spring layout" and i give it to her for free. Im glad she likes it, i saw her other blog and she got a nice layout also in there hehe :-) one of my favorite is the pinky one. Anyway here is the screen shot of her new blog! Visit her blog and leave her some love! Happy Blogging Everyone!


  1. wow i really like all your designs here. very very nice.

    Grab your logo will be posted in myweb-blog.

  2. wow.. congrats Rose!!! Very nice one!!!

  3. wow. I can't believe that you are giving free blog make over when I read the post of Mommy Laine!

    You have great works. I was looking at all blogs I hop in and automatically i can say who made it. All of the blog layouts are the same. Yours are unique.

    Thanks for giving a free blog layout to mommy laine :-)

  4. mommy fem thank you so much po talaga....
    btw mommy fem may itatanong lang po sana me...
    kung pede lang po sana...
    ask lang po paano po ba maglagay ng "no right click" dito sa blogger...
    at paano po maglagay ng signature name after the post...
    pede po ba magpaturo sa inyo mommy fem please...
    thank you so much po mwaaaaaaaaaaah...


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