Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Downtown girl

Guest post written by Cassie Jenkins

I’m a downtown girl. No, I’m not on the new MTV reality series called “Downtown Girls,” but like the stars of it, I dwell in downtown New York City.

Moving here was a dream of mine since my family and I took a vacation here when I was 12. It was so different than our lives in suburban Atlanta that I decided to move there right there and then.

Once I pulled together some savings after I graduated from college I moved there with two of my sorority sisters that also had aspirations of the City and we got a tiny apartment on our minimal budgets. That only made me more aware of getting the best deals on necessities that we needed like High Speed Internet and TV. So we did our homework like good college graduates and read about Internet TV Bundles that would help save us a pretty penny.

We narrowed it down and settled on the provider we have now. Now worrying about making it in the City isn’t so bad that we have enough extra money left out for drinks.

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