Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Watching the race with Grandpa

Guest post written by Jeff Noble

Racing is something we take seriously in our family. My dad has always followed his favorite drivers religiously, including the Earnhardt family, and weekend afternoons during race season are always spent in front of the living room TV.

I definitely inherited the race gene and my 8-year-old son watches the events with us, asking Grandpa which is “his” driver and how many laps are left to go. But Dad is always happy to answer and tell stories about races he’s been to.

In fact, he’s been to so many races that that’s probably why his hearing has gotten so bad over the years. I guess I started noticing it once he started turning up races so loud on the TV that I couldn’t hear myself think and made him look into digital hearing devices. But now, thankfully, he wears a hearing aid so that I can watch the race with him without having to shout over the hum of the cars like I do when we’re actually at a race. That’s the only part I always hated about racing, how loud those cars are! I sure don’t need for my own hearing to get worse and don’t want to worry about my son’s either.

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