Monday, June 14, 2010

Yahoo Kids!

Guest post written by Tia Stanhope

It’s amazing what the computer can do these days. Our family recently signed up for internet service with hughesnet CA, and our kids are especially happy we did. Yahoo kids is one of the best websites available for kids to safely play around with games and watch videos. This website offers a variety of activities all directed towards kids. There are activities for kids of all ages and many games that are aimed towards education. With so many videos on this website for kids to watch, it is a great place for kids to log in and spend time online. Using our hughesnet satellite internet, my kids are able to log in and spend hours watching videos, playing games or listening to music. There are new songs uploaded on a weekly basis that kids can listen to and watch videos of.

My kids love logging in and getting to find information on the latest movies that are coming out. Often times, my kids spend a good deal of time watching everything related to a new movie before going to see it. It’s a great way to get their interests up and keep them occupied in a safe and controlled environment.

Another popular part of the website is the jokes section. My kids love getting on and finding new jokes that they can share with their friends and family. Each day they log in to find cute jokes for kids that they can tell over and over again. Thanks to hughesnetinternet, our kids are entertained for hours all while learning!

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