Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Football Season

Thanks to my friend Alex Hartman for the guest post.

I remember when I was a kid how excited we here when Dad brought home our first ever VCR. I remember thinking how nothing will ever beat it. Then a couple years ago I picked to get the DVR my offered. Let me tell you, it felt ever better than that first VCR.

It is incredibly easy to record the shows you want. Best of all it's easy to tell the DVR to record automatically whenever a new episode of one of my favorite TV shows. The ability to pause and rewind the show as it is live is another great feature.

During football season the 1 o'clock football games on Sunday now have a 2 o'clock kick off time in my house. I fast forward through the commercials, and sometimes through a good part of the half time show. Usually late in the first quarter I am caught up with the live action. This works out good because I don't have to worry about anyone calling and spoiling the ending for me. It's great to know I skipped an hour of commercials during the game.

My wife does the same thing during the reality TV shows she watches. She'll just start watching the show 20 minutes after it starts and she basically ends up seeing the ending the exact same time as everyone else, except she didn't watch all those commercials


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