Saturday, June 26, 2010

Learn to play piano

In my family, none of them play instruments. The only thing I remember is that my father love to sing and join singing contest. Unlike in my husband sides, his family love to play instruments to drums, guitar and piano. My husband love to play guitar since when he was a kid and he play piano too. His brother becomes a drummer in his young age. I bet Dustin will love to learn to play piano. He is in that age where he wants to explore things. He will turn 5 next year January 2nd and we’re planning to get him a piano lesson. We need to find a cheap piano to start. Something that he can play and make himself busy. I think learning to play piano is good at his age. I see kids playing piano at their early age and they are really good! Dustin just need to practice and I bet he could learn fast! He is a smart boy and I know he would love it!

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  1. guys, Keep it easy especially at the beginning and you will find that you get much more than that. You should spend your time if you take a course that is too advance!
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